The Queen Bee

Complete website design with monthly updates and security checks. 

The Queen Bee package offers a completely designed website plus 2 hours per month of design and content updates.  Perfect for newsletters, blog posts, gallery additions, etc.  This package also includes monthly security checks and backup services to make sure your site runs smoothly and your visitors are safe. 

What's included

I work hand-in-hand with you to create a website that showcases the unique qualities of your business or service.

Discovery & Planning

The first step to take in any project is to discover what is needed and desired for your website. From there we'll plan what is need to make your website be the most efficient it can be.

Testing and Feedback

Before we roll-out any website we test and retest each function and feature to ensure they're fast and easy to use. Then we send it to you so you can take a look to see that it matches expectations. After testing and feedback, we roll-out your project.

Create a Demo

After our meeting, I'll brainstorm some more and create a concept for your website. A More often than not, a project is hard to visualize, even when every last detail has been discussed. We create a functional demo of your project so you can see how everything works, making discussions and feedback more productive and meaningful.

Finalize & Publication

Your project's complete and everything's working great! But what if you want to make changes or add more to your product? JujuB Web Design offers maintenance and support for our customers, and can make any further developments you may want, when you want them.

Design and Develop

Once we've finished creating the demo, we begin project development. We acquire design assets so that we can insert them based on the specifications of your project. Any extra design points are created and discussed with you so we know we're heading in the right direction.


After your site has been published, it's important to make sure that it runs smoothly and there aren't any glitches. I'll check your website monthly to make sure that all the links work, pictures display properly, forms are active, etc. backups will also be created in the case an issue arises so your site will still display.

Let's get your website working for you today!

Check out some websites I've created

Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis
Discount Door GR
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Julie was able to transform our previous website into a more modern design and layout with her professional quality photos and expertise. When questions arise about our website or items need to be updated, Julie’s response has always been very prompt and helpful.
Pastor Christopher Dorn
Pastor Christopher Dorn
First Presbyterian Church of Ionia
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The service has been nothing less than stellar. Julie is prompt in her replies and clear in her explanations. Whenever we approach her with a need, she works patiently with us, valuing our input, even as she draws on her creativity to help us find a solution. We have been very satisfied with Jujub Web Design, and do not hesitate to recommend it highly.
Rebecca Cruttenden
Rebecca Cruttenden
Clara Cookies
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Julie's done a great job on our website with creative ideas. She is always quick to make updates and changes for me, and we've had a lot of them!!!!!